Special Events

 These are upcoming special events for ongoing enrichment of students.

Special Workshops & FloorPlay w/Jen Deluca

Saturday, May 27th

Champion WCS dancer, instructor, and choreographer, Jen Deluca, IN THE HOUSE!! This is an incredible opportunity to learn from one of the best in the business, so get ready to dance the night away as she shares her passion for WCS with the FloorPlay community!
  • 5:30pm- Leaders & Followers Styling Class w/Jen (need to be able to do all basic passes, turns, sugar push, tucks & whips
  • 6:30pm- Dinner Break on Own
  • 7:30pm- Novice/Int WCS w/Jen
  • 7:30pm- Beginner WCS w/Tommy & Renee
  • 8:30- Midnight- WCS Party w/DJ Josh Angel
Styling Class with Jen, Nov/Int Class with Jen and evening dance- $30
Novice/Int Class with Jen and Evening Dance- $20
Beginner Class with Tommy & Renee and Evening Dance- $15
Followers Styling Class Only- $15
Evening Dance Only- $15
Includes water, snacks, desserts, and PIZZA
Cash only, pay onsite


Followers WCS Movement & Styling Workshop

4 to 6 pm Sunday, June 11 with Danielle

Get ready for an exciting and informative Followers WCS Movement and Styling Class with Danielle Blouin! This class is specifically designed for followers who want to enhance their technique, add flair to their dancing, and gain a deeper understanding quality of movement! We will also be reviewing some styling from Jen Deluca’s styling class which is Saturday, May 27th at 5:30pm before my Tampa FloorPlay WCS dance!

Whether you’re a seasoned WCS follower or new to the style, this Followers WCS Movement and Styling Class offers valuable insights and techniques to elevate your dancing. Prepare to be challenged, inspired, and motivated as you refine your skills and explore new possibilities on the dance floor!

Looking forward to working with everyone!


Cost- $20
Cash only, pay at the door




Past Events

Country Play Sunday, May 7th

Our first Country Intensive of many! We are so excited to bring you a full day of workshops geared toward the social dancer of all levels followed by an evening social party! No partner needed!

Schedule- All workshops are 45 minutes with 15 minutes open dance time/practice/questions in between 

  • 1pm- Triple Two Basics & Beyond w/Danielle
  • 1pm- Line Dance Class w/Pam
  • 2pm- Beginner Nightclub w/Pam & Brian
  • 2pm- Intermediate Nightclub Turns and Technique w/Danielle
  • 3pm- Novice Nightclub w/Pam & Brian
  • 3pm- Intermediate Nightclub Patterns w/Danielle
  • 4pm- Beginner Two Step w/Pam & Brian
  • 4pm- Intermediate Two Step Turns & Technique w/Danielle
  • 5pm- Novice Two Step w/Pam & Brian
  • 5pm- Intermediate Two Step Patterns w/Danielle
  • 6pm- Dinner break on your own
  • 7-10- Social Dance- a mix of country and WCS

    Cost- Pay at door, CASH ONLY

  • All day & evening pass- $48 (includes 5 workshops and evening dance)
  • 4 workshops (includes evening dance)- $45
  • 3 workshops (includes evening dance)- $40
  • 2 workshops (includes evening dance)- $35
  • 1 workshop (includes evening dance)- $25
  • Evening dance only- $10
Casual attire- shorts, jeans, workout wear etc.
Shoes- Boots, dance shoes, shoes with leather sole (anything that has ability to turn on wood dance floor) No open back shoes or flip flops